"With the direction of our city going backwards, common sense leadership is sorely needed! We must be proactive and not reactive to the issues and concerns in our neighborhoods. I am accessible, hands-on and ready to work for you!  I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental bureaucracy, and get things done. Let's work together towards our positive future!"



Transportation issues hurt Southern Brooklyn. Whether the lack of parking, traffic jams, pedestrian safety, or our outdated and terrible public transportation system, we are in the midst of a crisis. Our subway and bus service needs serious investment to bring our city into the 21st century. 

Fixing our outdated track signal system is a necessary start and we must increase the number of express buses during morning and evening rush hour.  When constituents ask for a stop sign, traffic light, or speed bump, Steven will be there to ensure that the Department of Transportation listens and acts on their concerns.

Steve will lobby for increased express train service and a freeze on transit fare hikes. Smart light installation and a district-wide traffic flow review will help uncover unnecessary delays. 

Steve will work with the State to ensure that public transportation is caught up to ADA compliance standards. 


Steve’s background in the classroom makes him the perfect fit to fight to make sure City Hall invests in our local schools. Steve will seek to build new schools to reduce class size, improve technology and give more attention to students with special needs.


Steve will continue to work with neighborhood parents and school leaders to make sure that our children have access to modern technology, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programs, and available funding for much needed after-school programs.


Steve believes in private public partnerships with mentor networks to give our children real wold connections so they can be prepared for the job market.


Our neighborhood seniors must have access to quality care, affordable life resources and the ability to live without fear during their golden years.

Many of our district seniors survive on fixed incomes. Steve will make sure initiatives such as the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) , Senior Citizen Home Owner Exemption (SCHE)  and the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) are available to help with much needed financial benefits. Steve will allocate discretionary funding to our neighborhood senior community centers.

Disability rights are close to Steve's heart. His family benefitted from government services and support growing up in this district. Steve will fight for accessibility, expand city program eligibility, benefits,  funding and education services  through his office for the entire community. 


Steven’s goal is to expand high-quality constituent services to our community. It is vital we have a Council Member that is responsive to solve day to day issues. Our team will increase language access to improve the lives of southern Brooklyn’s multilingual community.
To bring city government to residents, Steven also hopes to regularly hold Town Halls on various subjects with representatives from city agencies in the hope of resolving constituent issues at quicker paces, while also providing updates on new city projects and holding agencies to account.


Part of a safe community is inclusivity for everyone. Community policing provides a healthy relationship between residents and the police that serve them, and also make it easier to deter any crimes in the future. 

By reaching out and providing education throughout the district while also strengthen response to such heinous crimes, Steven hopes to combat hate so that no one has the fear of being attacked for who they are while walking down a sidewalk or riding on the bus.

property tax



Steve believes that safety and security is our number one priority. Improving the overall quality of life is about listening to the needs of our residents in the district. Homelessness, gang violence, subway assaults, attacks on seniors, hate crimes, and petty crimes such as public urination, panhandling, and graffiti are on the rise in New York City.

Steve wants more police on the streets, and to create and fund a quality of life coalition through an easily accessible public database to better track and solve community problems.


We must support our local small businesses, the greatest job creators in New York City.

Steve will work with other Councilmembers on initiatives that help struggling small businesses and drive down the number of empty storefronts on our streets. Helping cut down on red tape, and providing resources in his office to small businesses that are trying to stay afloat or looking to get started, Steven will help review laws that hinder the growth of small business in our area. 

Small business owners know best how to help their businesses. Steven will work with small business owners to make government work for them. 



We must be prepared for crisis before it happens. Protecting our coast must be a priority. The devastation to our community after Hurricane Sandy showed that our city was woefully underprepared for a superstorm. Even now, billions of dollars in federal funds allocated to our city still have not been spent by the administration.


Steve will work with our federal elected officials to ensure that Southern Brooklyn is made a priority by the Army Corp of Engineers in any study to protect New York from storm surge and rising seas. Let's come up with a real plan to protect our homes and small businesses.


Steve will fight for our community to be assessed in a fair and balanced way. Our current property tax system is a sham that is destroying our middle-class families with burdensome costs that affect quality of life. I will work with our partners in the City and State to fix the inequality in our system so everyone is paying a fair tax rate, pass legislation to protect seniors under a certain income from being crushed by rising taxes, and, finally, work to cap New York City’s property taxes at 2%. 

Getting our district vaccines must be our immediate priority. We need a thoughtful and streamlined vaccination process that better serves our seniors and most vulnerable. I will advocate for a vaccine czar to help streamline the vaccination process and ensure that no language barriers exist. We must not allow the language or digital divide to be a hindrance to our most vulnerable community members. All New Yorkers must have fair and equal opportunities to receive vaccines. We must open more vaccination sites and experiment with outside the box thinking, such as mobile vaccination vans that will allow the resources to go where they are needed. We also must educate residents by working with local community groups, such as faith-based institutions and senior citizen centers, where they can access a vaccine without just relying on an online registration system.